Every day we are exposed to contamination with heavy metals and toxic chemicals. Heavy metals that most commonly cause health problems are mercury (found in water, teeth amalgams, thermometers, etc.), lead (found in pipes, drains, burning slowly of materials, etc.), arsenic (is released into the environment in the making of glasses and chemicals and the extracting process of copper, zinc, etc.), cadmium (is found in cigarette smoke) and iron. Other hazardous metals are: aluminum, antimony, chromium, cobalt, copper, manganese, selenium, tin, thallium and uranium.

The number of heavy metal poisoning your body has increased dramatically in recent decades. The major cause of poisoning are: hormonal imbalances, cancer, thyroid disorders, neurological disorders, food allergies and depression.

Heavy metals often enter the body through food, air, water or simply are absorbed through the skin.

Detoxification at the cell level is very important and that is why we recommend eating a healthy diet with natural and uncooked food as often as possible. Often eating dark green vegetables, highly alkaline diet, taking superfood such as spirulina, chlorella and practicing breathing exercises, the body will be able to eliminate these toxins naturally.

Infrared saunas help remove heavy metal toxins stored in your fat and connective tissue. Unlike a regular sauna, the infrared sauna has the ability to penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue to help root out these poisons.

Cleansing the colon with regular colonics and enemas helps remove heavy metals. You can do this regularly and if you use this with other protocols to detoxify heavy metals, it will work more effectively.

To maximize the effects of heavy metal detoxification the following are recommended:


Micro- algae

Chlorella – is an alga rich in chlorophyll, which promotes bowel movement. Because mercury is largely eliminated in the feces, the algae are recommended in heavy metal detoxification.

Garlic (Allium sativum), Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum), Cloves (Eugenia aromatica) and Turmeric (Curcuma longa), have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties; for example, Turmeric may protect against some types of cancers.

Garlic – crushed garlic has active ingredients that increase sulfur in the body and accelerates sulfur removal of metals from the body; and may help reduce blood pressure and alleviate ulcers.



Coriander – also known as Chinese parsley, help eliminate mercury in muscle tissue and allows its removal from the body through the stool.

Your liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal system are designed to remove toxins, but pollution, pesticides and other harmful chemicals can eventually overwhelm the body. A natural detoxification, will go a long way, giving you more energy and making you feel better about yourself.

picture of Sunflower Sprouts homegrown

Sunflower Sprouts homegrown

Juice to detoxify heavy metals from the body:


– 1 large beetroot

– 1 handful kale

– 2 stalks of celery (with leaves)

– 1 medium cucumber

– 1/2 lime

– 1 handful fresh parsley

– 1 handful fresh coriander

– 2 cm ginger

– Sunflower sprouts, pea sprouts

Source: https://public.health.oregon.gov/HealthyEnvironments/HealthyNeighborhoods/LeadPoisoning/MedicalProvidersLaboratories/Documents/HeavyMetals.pdf