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Sea Buckthorn Oil - The Miraculous Benefits!

Sea Buckthorn Oil – The Miraculous Benefits!

Sea buckthorn oil is among the oils used in herbal treatments and cosmetic, due to the therapeutic properties for beauty and health.

Sea Buckthorn oil is the richest natural carotenoid (organic pigments) product after palm oil. Studies made in laboratories over the years have highlighted several exceptional properties of Sea Buckthorn oil for beauty and health. It was found that Sea Buckthorn oil has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and sedative actions. Also, Sea Buckthorn oil contains a significant amount of serotonin, substance that is designed to protect the body against infection and speed the healing of wounds or burns.

Sea Buckthorn oil contains many of the essential elements that one needs to be healthy and beautiful: vitamin C, vitamin E, B vitamins, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and iron, fatty acids omega-3, omega-6, omega-9 and omega-7. Sea Buckthorn oil is considered a miracle cure for hair, skin and nails. Besides the important quantity of minerals, amino-acids and the eight types of carotene, Sea Buckthorn oil also contains anti-cancer substances as: Arginine Serotonin, and SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) which is 4 times higher than Ginseng.
Also in this oil there are found volatile substances anti-saponification, sitosterils (similar chemical structure to that of cholesterol) and carotenoids (natural pigment).

Sea Buckthorn Oil - The Miraculous Benefits!

Sea Buckthorn Oil – The Miraculous Benefits!

Note: the amount of vitamin C in Sea Buckthorn is 8 times higher than in peaches, 20 times higher than in the crab/wild apples, 80 times higher than in tomatoes, and 200 times higher than the amount of vitamin C contained in grapes. Sea Buckthorn is therefore called vitamin C Queen.

The use of Sea Buckthorn oil for immune system
To boost the immune system: take 30-40 drops daily, simple or with a teaspoon of honey (but not in water). A treatment lasts at least 14 days, but is best to keep it 30 days or more.

Sea Buckthorn oil combat cellulite
Sea Buckthorn oil is indicated in cellulite massage because it is rich in high quality omega fatty acids.
For this treatment apply every night Buckthorn oil on the affected areas by cellulite, then massage the affected area. Women who have tried this solution say the effects are visible in a few weeks!

Sea Buckthorn oil – demonstrated anticancer effects
Sea Buckthorn has many antioxidants in content, fighting any type of cancer. It can help in preventing skin cancer applied as moisturizer. The active substances contained in Sea Buckthorn oil inhibit the growth of cancer cells, increase immunity, and reduce side effects caused by chemotherapy and fight effectively against several different cancers, such as rectal, gastric and lung.

Sea Buckthorn oil it is particularly effective against atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

Sea Buckthorn oil has major effects on the cardiovascular system through important amount of “good cholesterol” and omega fatty acids.

Sea Buckthorn oil prevents hypertension and atherosclerosis, reduces ‘bad cholesterol’ in the blood and prevents heart disease.

Sea Buckthorn oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties; stimulates the immune system, reduces inflammation, helps fight infections and increases resistance to pathogens, keeping away diseases.

Sea Buckthorn oil can be used internally for general infections and externally for local inflamed areas of the skin. Serotonin Buckthorn oil is designed to protect against infections and support the body in healing wounds and ulcers and burns hard treatable.