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The Powerful Uses of Bay Leaves!

The Powerful Uses of Bay Leaves!

Laurus Nobilis is native of Eastern Mediterranean region of Levant and is now grown mainly in Mediterranean regions. The flowers are pale yellow-green color, in one centimeter diameter. The Greek doctors were using the fruit and the leaves to treat their patients. Laurus Nobilis was the symbol of victory in ancient times and was dedicated to Apollo god. Appropriate wreaths made of Laurus Nobilis were offered to poets and victorious generals.
Bay leaves have a strong aroma, very rich in essential oils which are providing medicinal miraculous properties.
Nowadays Laurus Nobilis – Bay Leaves is known for its antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial.
It is a very effective remedy against wounds, canker sores and dental abscesses and is considered a natural sedative.

Infusion of Bay Leaves is beneficial on the nervous system, bringing balance in case of anxiety or depression.
Stimulate digestion, increasing appetite, combat fermentation.
It is recommended as a very valuable expectorant in colds and bronchitis.
Lowers fever, and is successfully used in combating bronchitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, and influenza.

Bay leaves for internal use
Heavy digestion – Eating 1-2 bay leaves in your food. Natural treatment can be made with bay leaves for a month with three bay leaves per day, chewed on an empty stomach, one in the morning, at noon and evening. The people who have tried this method mentioned that their digestion was strengthened and hand remarkable effects on digestion

Stomach pain: A recipe that helps to combat stomach pain: 2 bay leaves are cooked 4-5 minutes together with 5-6 cloves. Drink 2-3 cups a day. The curative effect of this drink should be seen very quickly.

Bay leaves for intestinal infections – take a teaspoon of Bay Leaves oil after each meal; it helps to destroy pathogens in the intestines and relieve pain.

Poisoning – Put 15-25 Bay Leaves in 200 ml (one cup) boiling water. Cover the infusion for 15 minutes and then strain. This infusion of Bay Leaves has emetic effects (anti-vomitive) immediately. To take effect is required that the person needs to drink the entire 200 ml.

Use Bay Leaves to normalize blood sugar when it is too high – place 12 Bay Leaves in 500 ml of water and let it simmer for 15 minutes. You let it sit for 2 h, then it is divided into 3 equal portions. The first portion it is consumed over a 12 hours period, otherwise it can cause internal bleeding. After a week of rest, drink the other two portions over 2 days. On treatment days you follow a vegetarian diet.
Note: Treatment can be done only once a year.

Stomach pain due to nervousness – use a decoction of the Bay Leaf and add 1 teaspoon of cloves, or you may take 1 teaspoon of Bay Leaf oil internally for pain.

It has diuretic and anti-rheumatic virtues. Bay Leaf powder has the ability to lower the fever. It is successfully used in Dyspepsia, Flatulence and Gastro-Enteritis.

From Bay Leaf fruit a fat and thick oil is extracted, consistent as a butter. It is used in the preparation of ointments and emulsions like analgesics used in the case of arthritis, muscular pain and rheumatism.

• Bay Leaves Tea clears the sinuses and relieves indigestion

• Maceration for 24 hours of Bay Leaves in fresh lard, result in an ointment that can improve bouts of rheumatism of the joints.

• Burned Bay Leaves produce a very nice smell in the room and ward off insects.

• Chewing a Bay Leaf can quickly cure Stomatitis

• A decoction made from Bay Leaves and drank throughout the day has the gift to strengthen the immune system

• 20 to 30 Bay Leaves brewed in a cup of boiling water and infused 20 minutes can be successfully used in cases of intoxication and poisoning that lead to instant emetic effect

• A Bay Leaf chewed on an empty stomach in the morning, noon and evening improves digestion

• Brew Bay Leaves in boiling water let it cool down and gargle for hoarseness and gum infections

Bay Leaves fruit oil has wonderful effects against insects and parasites, fleas and mites.

Bay Leaves oil may be a beauty product. It is enough to defuse some drops in water bath (it becomes irritating, if you use more). It is recommended especially for oily skin and damaged hair, balancing skin and stimulating the regeneration of hair ends wire.

Natural Recipes with bay leaves
Bay Leaves Oil for rheumatism
100 g of dried leaves chopped very fine and put them in 100 g of alcohol, and store in a tightly closed vessel for 24 hours. Then pour one liter of olive oil and the bain-marie for 6 hours. (the water in the bain-marie does not have to be boiling water); kept the mixture in a cold place.