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Natural Treatments for Rheumatism!

Natural Treatments for Rheumatism!

Beginning of acute rheumatism is characterized by fever, intense discomfort and pain. In case of acute muscular rheumatism, surfaces become so sensitive that even the weight of the linen can aggravate pain. If the wrong treatment is followed, this form of rheumatism immediately switches to the chronic stage, and if the disease is not treated properly, it can turn into chronic conditions.

For chronic rheumatism muscular the symptoms are: pain and severity of muscle affected. In case of chronic joints rheumatism the pain is felt in one or more joints of the body, and some swelling is happening in some cases.

The main cause of rheumatism is the presence of toxic products in the blood. Excessive consumption of meat, white bread, sugar and white flour leaves a toxic residue in large blood vessels. When vitality in the body is degraded, toxic debris focuses around the joints and bone structure.
In some cases, dental infection, tonsillitis or gallbladder may produce rheumatism. In general, people suffering from rheumatism should avoid cold water, cold weather and moisture.

Natural Treatments for Rheumatism

Natural Treatments for Rheumatism!

Natural Treatments for Rheumatism!

Orange juice and water for rheumatism
In case of acute rheumatism, you mix orange juice (no sugar added) with water, and then leave it to bind for 3-4 days. You drink a cup every morning. You must follow a strict diet for 14 days.
During this interval, orange must be eaten for breakfast; the lunch should consists of a salad of fresh seasonal vegetables, and for dinner you should have 1-2 steamed vegetables.

After the treatment was completed, you should gradually adopt a balanced diet consisting of seeds, nuts, whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

Also, people affected by rheumatism should eat only ripe fruit, fresh vegetables, and must avoid all kinds of meat, white bread, sugar, flour and cereals, tea, coffee, alcohol, sauces, spices and seafood.

Colonics or hot water douches for rheumatism
In case of acute rheumatism, the intestines should be cleaned daily; colonics or hot water douches are recommended for the first 3-4 days when you start the diet with orange juice. Experts also recommend that people suffering from rheumatism to apply hot water compresses to the affected areas.

Salt baths for rheumatism
Hot salt water baths are also beneficial. In case of chronic rheumatism, you have to take the hot salt water two times a week for three months and after three months once a week. It is recommended by specialists that the affected parties of the body have to be bathe two times a day in hot water with salt, and then the area should be massaged with olive oil.