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Tips to quickly remove the smell of perspiration

Tips to quickly remove the smell of perspiration

In summer, when temperatures are rising without stopping, sweating is a major problem even for women who are very neat. There are many people who even take a shower at least twice a day, they are still sweating, when they found themselves in a very warm room, or when they become emotional. If you are in this category that means that you need tricks to help you in such situations. So below are some tips on how to get rid of sweating when the use of deodorant no longer takes effect.

Bitter Plants
To reduce sweating caused by high temperatures in phytotherapy the bitter plants are recommended like: Gentian, Mug-wort, Chamomile, Sage, Yarrow, Echinacea, Dandelion. These plants are used as an infusion, both internally and externally .

Citrus have antiseptic properties that limit the growth of bacteria and therefore odor occurrence. Half a lemon skip the armpits and the odor is neutralized. This method can be used without any risk in children. However, pay attention to your skin (if it was recently epilated) : the antiseptic may cause a burning sensation appearance and favors the occurrence of pimples.

Raw Potatoes
Did you know that a potato can absorb sweat odor? Before you leave home take a shower; keep a few seconds a slice of raw potato under the armpits, allow the underarm to dry and apply your regular deodorant or antiperspirant.
If you use this little trick, even if you sweat during the day, you will not spread an unpleasant smell.

Talcum powder
Talcum powder is not just for babies. It is great for adults, especially in times when you have excessive sweating and you need something to get you out of the embarrassing situation. Using a cotton pad, apply a small amount of talcum to the armpit, to the drying zone. However, be careful not to use talcum powder when wear dark clothes, you risk leaving white marks that will not show very well on your clothes.

It is a herb flavored antibacterial. Dissolve 8 to 10 drops of rosemary essential oil in 30 ml of water and then apply the solution on the surface of the skin subjected to excessive sweating.

Apple vinegar
A very simple solution, efficient and very inexpensive is apple vinegar, which has astringent properties. All you have to do is to apply it to the armpit in the evening just before bedtime. It is very important to make sure you are completely dry before you go to sleep. In the morning, wash the area with water and soap and then you will notice that the acids absorbed overnight will help you to stay dry throughout the day. Also, apple vinegar neutralizes bad odors.

Soak a sponge in vinegar and dab lightly the area of the armpits instead of deodorant. The smell of vinegar disappears in a few minutes, and you will be spared the unpleasant smell of sweat all day.

Extract from “Witch Hazel”
Witch Hazel is a shrub with oval leaves, native to North America, in particular from Virginia, hence its scientific name is Hamamelis Virginiana. The popular name could be related to the fact that unnatural blooms even in winter, in warmer days. The extract has anti-inflammatory, astringent (helps to reduce the amount of sweat) and soothes irritation.

Baking soda
It is used in many situations for cleaning and deodorizing, is very effective in combating the smell of sweat. Some people apply it directly to the skin, while others put the powder on a piece of clean cloth, moistened, and then apply it to the armpits. Remember from school that neutralization occurs between an acid and a base? It is the same with sweating and baking soda. As perspiration is acid, the base is sodium bicarbonate, and the chemical reaction between the two results in instantaneous drying of the sweating.
Mix sodium bicarbonate solution with water to obtain a thick paste, use it underarm and then allow acting for 25 minutes. Repeat the treatment several days in a row and you’ll certainly notice its effectiveness.

Black Tea
Boil 3 envelopes of black tea in a cup of water and then soak the cotton compresses in the black tea. Let them cool and apply them to the armpits for 5 minutes. It is a treatment that you can follow for two weeks to reduce heavy sweating.

Alum Stone
It regulates secretions and neutralizes odors. Alum is tolerated and sensitive skin, irritating and, moreover, does not affect clothes. Alum can be natural or synthetic. Product that says potassium alum are natural ones write ammonium alum are synthetic.

Tips to quickly remove the smell of perspiration

Tips to quickly remove the smell of perspiration