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Picture of Raw Crepe

Raw Crepes

These crepes are not only healthy but very easy to make. Do not require milk, eggs or flour and the taste is out of this world. They are not greasy like the real crepes (I could never eat more than half crepe because of this).



Flax Seeds (optional)

Oat Flour (optional)

Vanilla, or Lemon or Orange Zest

A dash of Himalayan Salt.

In a Vitamix combine all ingredients. If you want them to have a “little fat” you can add coconut oil (the safe and healthy fat).

Pour the paste on ParaFlexx as shown below:

Picture of Raw batter crepe

Raw batter crepe

Dehydrate at 105 F overnight and next day flip it over for one hour or two.

You can dehydrate in the oven at the lowest temperature and the crepes are healthier than the real french crepes.

For the filling you can use Raw Almond Butter (homemade) and/or fruits like: strawberries, blackberries, mangoes, etc.

Picture of Raw Almond Butter

Raw Almond Butter

Sprinkle on top Coconut Palm Sugar (optional).

The possibilities are endless. Just let your imagination soar!

To your health!

Picture of Raw Crepe

Raw Crepes