Picture of Fresh & Organic Cucumbers

Fresh & Organic Cucumbers

Beneficial for gums.

Cucumber juice is beneficial for people with teeth and gums problems especially pyorrhea. Cucumber refreshes your mouth leaving your mouth smelling good (or eat cucumbers in salads, or chew them).

Cures diabetics.

Cucumber contains a hormone needed by the B-cells of the pancreas for producing insulin.

Control blood pressure.

Cucumbers juice contains potassium, magnesium and fiber, which are very helpful for regulating blood pressure making cucumber good for treating both blood pressures, high and low.


Digestive disorders such as heartburn, gastritis, and drinking fresh cucumber juice daily can cure even ulcers. Daily drinking of fresh cucumber juice cures constipation. Eat cucumber, and your body gets relief from heartburn.

Fight cancer.

Cucumber contains three lignans that have a strong history of research in connection with reduced risk of several cancer types: lariciresinol (an antimicrobial agent that destroys fungi by suppressing their ability to grow or reproduce), pinoresinol (among plant lignans, pinoresinol has the strongest anti-inflammatory properties in human intestinal Caco-2 cells), and secoisolariciresinol (attenuates high-fat diet-induced obesity). When we consume plant lignans bacteria in our digestive tract convert them into entero-lignans, which have the ability to bind to estrogen receptors resulting in pro and anti estrogenic effects. Intake of dietary lignans from plant foods has been associated with reduces breast, uterine, ovarian and prostate cancer.

Flushes out toxins.

The water in cucumber acts as a virtual broom, sweeping waste products out of the system. Cucumber is known to dissolve kidney stones when used daily in the form of juice or in salads.

Keeps you hydrated.

Cucumbers have 96% water content and are more nutritious than regular water. Cucumber keeps your body hydrated and regulates your body temperature

Keeps kidneys in shape.

Cucumber lowers uric acid levels in your system, helping the kidneys, stone and gout.

Lavishes you with vitamins.

Vitamins A, B and C, which boost immunity, gives you energy, and keeps you radiant.

Reduces cholesterol.

A compound called sterols (plant sterols are substances that occurs naturally and help block the absorption od cholesterol, lowering the LDL). Sterol in cucumber helps reduce bad cholesterol.

Revives the eyes. 

Placing chilled slices of cucumber on the eyes is a clichéd beauty visual, but it helps reduce under-eye bags and puffiness.

Smooth hair and nails.

Silica, the wonder mineral in cucumber makes your hair and nails stronger and shinier. Cucumber contains silicon and sulphur and promotes healthy hair growth.

Soothes muscle and joint pain.

The vitamins and minerals in cucumber make it a powerful enemy of muscle and joint pain.

Supplies skin-friendly minerals: magnesium, potassium, silicon.

Cucumber is used extensively in treatments in spas. Facial masks containing cucumber juice can be used for skin tightening. Apply cucumber on skin, and get relief from sunburn.

Weight loss

Cucumber is low calorie and high water content, ideal for losing weight. Enjoy cucumbers in your green juice, salads and raw soups.

To your health!