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picture of a cancer prevention green juice

Cancer Prevention Green Juice Home made

For this most powerful green juice you need:

1. Sunflower sprouts & Pea sprouts

picture of Sunflower Sprouts homegrown

Sunflower Sprouts homegrown

2. Cucumber



3. Kale



4. Lemon for taste

Benefits of sprouts:

1. Sprouts are powerful sources of antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, minerals. All these protect us from free radicals damage.

2. Sprouts are rich in oxygen, which protect us against bacteria, viruses, abnormal cell growth that cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment.

3. Sprouts have alkalinizing effects on our body. These effects protect us against diseases including cancer (many tumors are acidic).

4. Sprouts support the cell regeneration.

5. The most nutritious of all sprouts are sunflower sprouts. They represent complete protein meaning they contain every amino acid that the body needs. These sprouts contain an abundance of sun energy and chlorophyl and as well vitamin D. Pea sprouts come in just behind sunflower sprouts, when it comes to overall nutrition. They contain a significant amount of bioactive lecithin and help eliminate accumulated deposits on arterial walls in addition to being an excellent source of chlorophyl and protein.

6. Phytonutrients found in raw foods such as sprouts are key for reversing diseases with food.

7. Sprouts are one of the most obvious solution the worldwide malnutrition and hunger due to poverty. Sprouts are inexpensive, simply to grow indoor in any climate and can provide up to 30 times more nutrients than even organically grown vegetables.

8. Very inexpensive, you can eat the healthiest of diets year-round, you can keep the seeds for a long time.

You can sprout a variety of different beans, nuts, seeds and grains; about this subject in another post.