picture of wheatgrass tray - homegrown

Wheatgrass tray – homegrown

Wheatgrass is very easy to grow at home; all you need is a wheatgrass juicer and growing supplies including seed, planting trays and soil.

Growing basics:

1. Soak your hard winter seeds over night 8-12 hours.

2. Sprouts the seeds in a container for 16-24 hours, rinsing the seeds 3 times a day.

3. After a short tail is visible plant the seeds on top of the soil (I mix the soil with peat moss; peat moss is an important ingredient in your soil, filled 2 inches deep tray with this mixture soil and peat moss).

4. Water the tray and cover the seeds to keep them from drying out for the first 3 days.

5. During the first 3 days of growth water once a day in the morning and really soak the soil and lately mist the seeds in the evening.

6. On the fourth day uncover the grass (roots should begin to take over your soil), water heavily once a day and keep the grass in the shade, never direct sunlight.

7. For a mold problem increase your air circulation with a fan or A/C to keep the temperature to 60-80 F (21-26 C).

8. Harvest grass when the second blade of grass appear on the grass blades, or when the grass splits toward the bottom of the blade. Average growing time is 8-12 days but still always watch for the second blade of grass.

9. Only harvest once. Cut grade will store in the fridge for 7-10 days or longer in green bags, then start to process all over again with new seeds and soil.